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Dignity Mama Hong Kong

Started in Singapore, Dignity Mama is a very important branch of project dignity. Dignity Mama serves 2 distinct purposes both of which are incredibly important. The first purpose is to helps with zero cost for entrepreneurship of special needs individuals as well as helping low-income families to acquire books at a low cost. The second purpose is to provide job opportunities to the mother with special needs or single mother.  


It is a fact that many mothers and families do not have enough money to buy new books for their children. We believe reading and access to books is critical to a child’s growth as a person as well as their education. Dignity Mama provides books at an affordable price while still maintain adequate quality. This makes it easier to encourage a culture of books and reading amongst low-income Hong Kong locals.


For many special needs, it is incredibly difficult for them to find a job to become financially independent. Dignity Mama has provided job opportunities for them. The flexible working hours can let the mothers easier to adjust their schedules and balance their family and work.

Drop off Location: 2nd Floor, Dignity Kitchen, 618 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Books We Accept
•    Children’s books: We accept storybooks and comics (For e.g. Tin Tin, Pokemon)
•    Adult Fiction: NO science fiction
•    Adult Non-fiction: We accept management, business, finance, health/wellness, family/parenting, photography, interior design, computer science books.
•    Magazines: National Geographic, Reader’s Digest, Young Scientist, Adventure Science

Books in Poor Condition
•    Old, brown and spotted
•    Dog ears, jottings, markings, drawings, watermarks, markings and highlighted pages
•    Used workbooks or textbooks
•    Photocopied notes and books
•    Strange odour

Books with Controversial Content
•    Religious, political or sexual content
•    Banned books

•    Outdated books: We do not stock books published before 2000.
•    Travel books: We only stock from 2015 onwards.
•    Non English books: We only accept them on a case-by-case basis
•    Other items: We will reject all multimedia including DVD, CDs, tapes, and any other used items like clothes, shoes or soft toys.

Disposal of all unsuitable donations will be at our sole discretion.

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