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Project ˈpɹɒdʒɛkt (noun)

Because every individual we train is a serious project we invest our time and resources in. Similarly, the company is constantly in beta, moving through four distinct phases. From the first stage of creation at Balestier Road, to the second stage of innovating and implementing at Kaki Bukit to the third stage of sustaining at Serangoon. Our next stage is scale.

Our Philosophy


  • We firmly believe in our mission “to restore dignity to the disabled and disadvantaged through vocation with passion”. Everything we have done since day 1 is guided by this.

  • Because of the audacity of our mission as well as breadth of disabilities and disadvantaged groups we work with, fear of failure is not baked into our culture.


  • We believe in building meaningful tri-sector partnerships and creating a culture of support that rejuvenates the community around us.

  • From our placement partners and senior activity centres to our food suppliers and our long term event clients, it truly takes a lot of collaboration with NGOs, government and private sector.


  • It’s not just training and placement of our trainees we invest in.

  • We also believe in setting an example for other businesses to be inclusive by employing some of our trainees. It’s all about adopting certain changes and a shift in mindset.

  • About 60% of the full-time staff we employ are physically challenged and disadvantaged


Our Social Business Model
All four ventures are aimed at strengthening our capabilities in skills training, placement and employment within the F&B and retail sector as well as achieving greater integration and inclusion. Dignity Learn, an inclusive training centre, provides WSQ and SkillsFuture eligible hawker culinary courses for the public. We also run a 22-day Train-and-Place programme for adults with special needs seeking employment. Dignity Kitchen is where we operate an air-conditioned food court as well as food delivery service. Currently situated in Serangoon, the 7 stalls are manned by the differently-abled and disadvantaged. We provide lunch treats for the elderly from nursing homes across Singapore every day.

The Dignity Brand - Over The Years

We have come a long way since we started 10 years ago. The journey was full of ups and downs, some wins and some losses. 


The Dignity Brand - Looking Forward

As we head into the next 10 years, we are striving towards greater consistency and clarity in how we communicate our impact. Along with a refreshed website, you may have noticed that we have also upgraded the look and feel of our visual identity. Keep your eyes peeled for our new blog to find out why we kept the hands in our logo!

Achieving over $7 million in impact
3 in 4 trainees placed with our employment partners

Recent controversies about social enterprise have prompted us to rethink these key values: authenticity, transparency and accountability. This is why we want you to know how you're really contributing. Accurate as of July 2019*

Trusted by


companies, schools and government agencies for services

Provided over
lunches to the elderly from nursing homes and activity centres

We have trained and placed


individuals across F&B and retail sectors



Project Dignity staff are differently abled or marginalised

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